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About Stephanie Pollard – Hair Extensions London

London hair extensions with Stephanie Pollard, one of the most respected and sought after hair extension experts in the UK and abroad.

With a career spanning more than 25 years in the industry, Stephanie has established herself as one of the most respected and sought after hair extension experts in the UK and abroad. Complete with an impressive A-list following, Stephanie takes a truly bespoke approach to every client, using the most innovative application techniques combined with the ultimate in luxurious hair from all over the world for the perfect finish.

Stephanie began her career in hairdressing in her native Ireland at 16 years old, where she fell in love with the industry. She soon moved to London to work with Charles Worthington, where she honed her hairdressing skills. Stephanie started to develop a keen interest in hair extensions and joined forces with Antenna Hair Salon in Kensington, pioneers of hair extensions in the UK allowing her to showcase her work on the catwalk at London and New York Fashion Weeks.

After mastering the art of hair enhancements, Stephanie went on to support the teams at the esteemed Josh Wood Atelier and George Northwood Salon, before embarking on the launch of her own, unveiling the Stephanie Pollard Salon in 2015. Now situated in a discreet, private spot in Chelsea, a stone’s throw from the prestigious King’s Road, Stephanie creates an exceptional experience from the moment a client rings the bell.

Stephanie’s colour and texture-matching technique is as individual as each client, allowing her to tend to every tress. Whether it’s jaw dropping Rapunzel lengthening locks, volume boosting or subtle colour enhancements, Stephanie often combines application methods to create the perfect match for each hair type and texture. Teamed with a personalised aftercare program, clients can rest assured they are in safe hands.

Whatever the hair wish, Stephanie will craft a custom blend hair enhancement plan, ensuring every client leaves with more confidence, as well as gorgeous, natural looking hair.

“Stephanie Pollard: Stephanie does marvelous things with natural-looking extensions from her private salon in Chelsea.Great for hair that needs some oomph”

> Tatler’s 2017 Wedding Guide

Latest/In the press

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    You & Your Wedding
    December Issue 2016

    "My hair looked and felt thicker and healthier and for the first time ever, I could put it up in a ponytail and not have to wind the hairband around it four times. I have to say, if you want thicker hair for your wedding and honeymoon, this is the perfect option – it’ll allow you to be more creative with a wedding up do as well as you’ll have more hair to play with. They last for two months too and can be reused up to three times. Now I’m dreading the day they go and I have to go back to my boring, fine hair…I don’t think I can do it!"

    >December issue of "You and your wedding" magazine (online) and March/April in print – quote from Zoe Burke

    Consider natural looking hair extensions

    brides1.jpg brides2.jpg

    "Hair extensions have had an unfortunate reputation of being cheap, tacky and fake looking. The good news is that it has moved on quite significantly. There are beautiful quality extensions that add length, colour and volume in a way that is totally undetectable. Stephanie Pollard is the hair extension specialist that the A list on both sides of the Atlantic flock to when they want picture perfect hair. Her key to natural looking extensions? "I always match the clients' hair texture exactly to the chosen hair extension that will be applied. Texture matching is key and if not carefully mastered, it's a real giveaway to poor hair extensions."

    > This is a result of the ongoing liaison and relationship with Brides, Beauty Director, Funmi Fetto

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    Country & Townhouse Magazine
    December Edition 2016

    "Blow dry built to last: No need to fret if your hairdresser is leaving town for Christmas as this week-long-lasting blow dry service from Stephanie Pollard will ensure your locks are kept red-carpet ready for at least 7-days. Volumeze extensions (strip extensions that can last up to ten weeks and are kind to your hair) are colour matched to perfection, and are subtly applied to your hair for enviable natural volume, followed by a specialist blow dry."

    > December issue of Country & Townhouse Magazine – quote from a beauty editor Nathalie Eleni

  • Tatler’s 2017 Wedding Guide

    "Stephanie Pollard: Stephanie does marvelous things with natural-looking extensions from her private salon in Chelsea. Great for hair that needs some oomph"

  • Good Housekeeping magazine
    February Edition 2017


    "Rethink extensions...'Long term modern extensions are nothing like the obvious, WAG-style ones of the past. They’re versatile, easy to maintain and no one needs to know you’re wearing them,' says hair extension expert Stephanie Pollard (Stephanie-pollard.com). 'Instead of adding length, many of my clients in their 50’s use them to add subtle volume to thinning of fine hair. Stephanie uses tiny, handmade extensions to target specific areas that need filling. 'The effect is subtle but transformative,' she says. 'They hide wispy ends, and are so lightweight that they don’t damage your natural hair..."

    > February issue of Good Housekeeping magazine

  • RED
    The half-hour hair transformation

    "They’re calling it the seven-day blow-dry, but what you won’t know is that the latest hair fix actually involves secret extensions to add volume as well as style. As the extensions are stuck in using (medical-grade) tape rather than individual bonds, and are added in moderation for a subtle swell, they only take 40 minutes and feel as fuss-free as they look. They can be slipped out after a week, or kept in for up to 10, if you don’t mind the maintenance. The 7-Day Blow- Dry, using Volumeze extensions, is available at Stephanie Pollard, from £270; 020 7751 5673 "

    > March issue of Red Magazine

  • Tatler’s 2018 Wedding Guide

    "Stephanie Pollard: Chelsea-based Stephanie is renowned for hair extensions - they're unbelievably natural-looking, perfect for adding that extra volume/length."

  • country.png

    Country & Townhouse Magazine
    Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatmeant at The Stephanie Pollard Salon, Chelsea

    "This is the perfect solution for busy woman who are keen to tame frizzy locks and save precious time on blow drying each morning. A high tech, gentle keratin-based treatment (it contains no formaldehydes like some older types of smoother), it is blended with botanical extracts and vitamins to nourish, stengthen and remove frizz from hair, while keeping its natural movement and volume. The results can last from three to five months, can improve hair growth and, most importantly, give you much better hair days that require little more than a wash and go. From £250. 020 7751 5673"

    June Edition 2018

Guide to Hair Extensions

Bespoke single bonds

This method has been designed by Stephanie herself, and she has been successfully using it for the past 15 years. Small strands of hair, mixed to match 100% the texture and the colour of your hair, are attached with special keratin the size of a rice grain. These extensions can be used to enhance both the volume and the length.

Pros – Very discreet; very subtle; easy to manage; flexible with any hairstyle; durable (10-12 weeks).

Cons – Most costly; up to 3 hours’ application time; not re-usable.

Volumeze extensions

Often referred to as ‘tape’ hair extensions, they can be used to create a fuller look, add colour to your hair or extend the length. These extensions are machine-made, seamless tapes, attached to your hair with a transparent adhesive.

Pros – quick application (1 hour); undetectable; easy to remove; relatively low cost; re-usable.

Cons – not bespoke made; not as durable (6-8 weeks); available only in straight texture.

Monofibre extensions

These are made of acrylic fibre. They come in 18 different colours and are hand mixed to match your own colour and texture. These extensions will be braided into your hair with a loop at the base, which allows the tiny braids to move up and down and not exert any pressure on your own hair.

Pros – most lightweight; relatively low cost; easy care; variety of colours.

Cons – not suitable for hair tongs or hair straighteners; not re-usable.

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Before & After

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Price List


Haircut – from £55
Blow dry – from £35


Highlights T-section - from £150
Highlights ½ head - from £180
Highlights ¾ head - from £220
Highlights full head - from £250
Colour full head -  from £150
Colour regrowth - from £120
Toner - from £45
Balayage - from £180


Cezanne full head - from £250
Cezanne half head - from £120
Olaplex treatment - from £50
Kevin Murphy conditioning treatment - from £40
Kerastraight full head - from £250
Kerastraight half head - from £125


The following prices are a guide only, for an exact quote please book a consultation

Volumizing Bespoke single bonds
Slavic hair – from £545
European hair – from £375

Lengthening Bespoke single bonds
Slavic hair – from £1,595
European hair – from £825

Tape extensions

Prices vary according to the hair colour, texture, place of origin and the amount purchased

Slavic tapes - from £14 per tape
Remy tapes - from £15 per tape
Hair-infused tapes - from £21 per tape

Mono fibre hair extensions
Full head - £595
Half head - £450
¼ head - £350

Maintenance of human hair extensions
from £350

Maintenance of mono fibre extensions
from £295

Removal of extensions
from £90 per hour

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020 7751 5673



81 Westbourne Park Road
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